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Seal Apk


Are you also looking for an app that allows you to easily download audio and video files from any website? Then Seal APK is the best option

Here we are going to share with you an app that allows you to easily download video and audio files from any website and much more Before you proceed to download this app let me explain a little more about this application.

Publiser NameSeal Apk
Latest Version1.11.3
File Size33.9MB
App DeveloperJunkFood02
UpdatedA Few Days Ago

What is Seal APK?

Seal APK is a media downloader Android App developed by JunkFood02 for computers that use Kotlin as its programming language and Material U as its theme system. It allows us to download and enjoy audio and video files from many websites, including YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Seal APK Android App supports more than 1500 video platforms. It is the app that lets you watch your favorite videos anytime, anywhere, on any device you need to enjoy videos and audio files. You can download it in different formats.

If it is about video, then you can download it in quality from 480p to 2160p, and if it is about audio, you can download it up to 64kbps. Seal APK can download up to 320Kbps audio quality. Five months after its launch, it gained 10 million plus users and ranked in the number one position. Seal APK is the ultimate video and audio downloader for Android. With the latest version, you can access subtitles, album art metadata, and more. Download the Seal APK right now and discover a whole new world of entertainment.

Seal APK

Why is Seal APK the Best?

Well, there are many apps to download videos and audio like Vidmate and SnapTube, but the best option among them is Seal APK because it has so many features. They point out that the Seal app is perfect for everyone. The reason why this app is the best is that it doesn’t run any kind of ads. It also gives you a smooth experience while downloading your favorite content, and it also has a user-friendly interface, so any new user can easily use it. Overall, you can say it is a Vidmate and SnapTube killer. It is an open-source application that provides you with more advanced features than any other application in the market, and you can get regular updates every month with new features. After downloading the video from the site, it is the best option for Seal APK.

Main Features of Seal APK

Below are the interesting features of Seal APK that you may find useful

completely Free

The best feature of Seal apk is that it is a completely free and open-source app.. You do not have to pay any hidden charges or subscription fees. It provides different cool and awesome features for free. 

Ads free

In this app you won’t see any ads that disturb you, don’t worry this app is completely free from ads like pop-ads and banners. etc

1500+ Site Support

This app allows you to download videos and audio from more than 1500 websites without any restrictions.

 Open Source

This is an open-source application you can download it from any website without any fear it is a completely free application you don’t need to pay any money for it.

Custom Commands

You can execute custom yt-dlp commands with these templates, create your templates, modify them, target and share them, or use pre-existing templates, it depends on you.

Easy to Manage

Another great option in this app is that you can download these templates as you want, edit them, filter them and also rename them, etc


You can download videos and audio files from YT-DLP-supported video platforms by choosing your own custom download quality format and output directory. Can also pause and resume downloads and view download progress and speed

Meta Data

Customize your audio files with metadata, video thumbnails, lyrics, album art, and more using mutagen, a Python module for handling audio metadata.


You can embed subtitles in your downloaded videos. You can burn to the same video using FFMPEG, a command line tool to perform the operation

How to Download Seal APK Latest Version for Android

As you know Seal was developed by an Azad Do Player this app follows some social media policy rules as it allows us to download their content and helps us as a cause. But it is not available in the Google Play Store or any other app store. Two methods are used to download real expert APK one is from the official gap page which is very important for beginners and An easy way is to download it from the official website and follow the instructions below for Marla and the guide.

Please Also check this website :Pikashow

seal apk

 How to Use seal apk

User guide

  • Click “Paste” to get a video link from your clipboard
  • Then click “Download” after adjusting its settings.
  • Check and manage in-app downloads, including videos and audio files.
  • Please set the battery usage of this
  • app to “Unrestricted” in the system settings to download in the background.
  • Take a look at the download settings and make sure you have the latest
  • version of it-dlp before using it.


 Q:1 Does Seal have Ads?

A:No, Seal does not have ads

Q:2 Is Seal Apk Safe To Use?

A:yes you can Seal Apk Safe To Use

Q:3 Can I Download and customize my audio files

A:es, you can download and customize your audio files.


Hope you have successfully downloaded and used this application on your mobile device. seal APK is a must-app for everyone who loves to download videos and audio files from the internet. This app is invaluable the way it is helping us is impressive after using this app for almost five to six months we can say that it is a very awesome downloader tool for every Android user.

If you want to know more about the application then share this page with your close relatives and friends via WhatsApp Facebook Instagram Unfortunately this app is not available for iOS other than this app Bookmark this website on your computer or mobile to download any updates. This app allows its users to download and customize videos and audio files from more than 1500 sites. It is designed and themed with material design three which makes it a beautiful app for Android. Can download it from the website


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